2012 Transcontinental Rum Line Worthy Park Navy Strength Jamaica Rum 700mL

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This new line of rum is from the venerated importer and retailer in France, La Maison du Whisky. Their line of exceptionally selected small batch rum highlight the influence “continental” aging has on rums from around the globe. A huge proportion of the rum that’s produced for blending and independent bottling is shipped to continental Europe to be stored and raised. The Dutch company who runs the trade has access to nearly ever rum distillery on earth and Maison has been able to identify some of their most interesting stocks. This special Worthy Park was distilled entirely on columns, which in no way implies it is low flavor. It spent a total of 26% of its age in the continental climate. The young punch Jamaican is fabulous to sip, but shines in any cocktail calling for Jamaica rum.

ABV 57.18%

Additional information

Alcohol Volume


Brand Name

Transcontinental Rum Line



Liquor Style

Navy Strength Rum


700 ml

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