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78 Degrees Muscat Finish Australian Whiskey 700mL

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We Pride ourselves on creating a Whiskey that redefines what Australian Whiskey can be. With our unique raw materials and production methods, the 78° Australian Whiskey is a product that moves away from replicating other styles, instead defining itself as something that is truly Australian in style.

When seeking a Fortified wine to further mature our Whiskey, we sought to further showcase what Australian Whiskey can be, focusing on what is an Iconically Australian Fortified wine.

When searching for a fortified wine that truly represented 78°, we didn’t have to look far. Liqueur Muscat, or Muscat as it is called here in Australia, is as local as they come. Originating from the Rutherglen area of northern Victoria, Muscat is produced from a late harvest pick, which is partially fermented before being fortified with grape spirit. This creates a higher residual sugar and a much sweeter style of wine.

The Muscat is then filled into oak casks, where it spends the next 5 – 20+ years. Over seasons maturing in the hot Australian climate, magic happens. The casks bake in the Aussie sun, creating a rich and delicious fortified wine with characters of raisins and stewed fruit, perfect for enjoying after dinner with a bit of Aussie cheese. Once decanted, the empty casks are still rich in the character of the Muscat that soaked into the oak over all those years.

We source Muscat casks from the finest South Australian wineries and fill them with our 78° Australian Whiskey to impart a rich fortified character and a gorgeous, silky texture. The bright grain and chocolate notes of our Australian Whiskey mingle with the luscious flavours of these stunning fortified wines, resulting in a truly exceptional whiskey with a uniquely Australian character.

We source only the highest quality Muscat casks to finish our Whiskey. These casks have been resting with muscat in them for 20 years, before we refill them with our blend of 78˚ Australian Whiskey.

With both power & finesse, the stewed fruit character of the muscat wine casks intermingles with the rich and robust biscuit & chocolate notes of our 78° Australian Whiskey, creating a character that is truly unique.

Crafted using a base of local, single paddock, unmalted barley, along with 11 speciality malts, at the heart of our Whiskey, minimising our footprint, while maintaining control of our raw materials.

We choose not to separate our husks prior to fermentation & distillation, decreasing water consumption, at the same time increasing the biscuity character of our Whiskey.

NOSE: Rich stewed fruit and raisins up front, give way to dark chocolate and apricot. A faint whiff of smoke on the nose, with rich notes of digestive biscuits.

TASTE: Raisins and stewed prunes on the front palette give way to notes of cocoa pops. Dried apricot comes through late, with a tingling spice of black pepper.

FINISH: The taste of dark fruit, along with some rich demerara sugar. A lingering note of clove and black pepper, along with a faint smokey note.

ABV 44%

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Alcohol Volume


Brand Name

78 Degrees



Liquor Style

Australian Whiskey


700 ml

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