Biercee Floral Dry Gin 700mL


Biercée Floral Dry Gin is a subtle combination of the floral notes of hop and lavender, with a touch of citrus and the flavours of hyssop and poppy, not to mention the aromas of malt, fennel and cumin. Thanks to its smooth mouth-feeling, a quality obtained by its distillation in our Holstein copper column stills, it offers a first-rate organoleptic explosion for those who like to enjoy it neat or in a cocktail. And it’s this sensorial richness that earned it the ‘Best Contemporary Gin’ award.

To fully enjoy all its facets, drink it neat and chilled, straight out of the fridge or from an ice bucket.

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Named ‘Best Contemporary Style Gin’ in London, the gin capital, in 2016, Biercée Floral Dry Gin is the perfect synthesis of our expertise.

Our Master Distiller possesses the art of sublimating the fresh fruit, spices and aromatic herbs that enter into its composition, better than anyone else. For this jewel of contemporary Belgian gin, he worked just like a perfumer, mixing several precious distillates from his collection with the greatest precision.

All in all, a magnificently crafted gin, distilled from 18 botanicals, spices, aromatic herbs and flowers. Its secret is jealously guarded by our Master Distiller. All we know is that the majority of them come from Belgium, France and southern Europe. Only the cacao, which features in it, has more distant origins.

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