Ron Medellin Extra Anejo 8 Year Old Colombian Rum 750mL

$59.99 per bottle

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Ron Medellin 8 Year – Extra Añejo and a 12 Year Gran Reserva are their superior aged rums. These rums are made with the finest honeys and are aged in American oak casks, which transmit the organoleptic characteristics typical of the beverage, giving it aroma and taste in a natural way, without any kind of additive in the process.

It has an excellent acceptance in the market, showing strength, refinement, modernity, sobriety, class and good taste. The presence of aromas and flavors together generate an unmistakable bouquet giving Ron 8 Años its own personality, character and composition. This is represented in a pleasant and uniform taste that is soft, honeyed and smoked.

The noble wood over time transforms heat and rawness into softness and texture. Ron Medellin Añejo is one of only a few rums that are aged naturally, ensuring purity and quality, evident in its rich and delicious bouquet.

Taken straight up or mixed, what’s important is to fully enjoy the flavor and texture that is Ron Medellin.

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