Spirytus Lubelski Rectyfikowany Polish Pure Spirit 500mL


It is not intended to be consumed undiluted and could cause harm if consumed inappropriately.

Alcohol Volume 95%

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Polmos Spirytus Lubelski (Rectified Spirit) Polish Pure Spirit Vodka (500ml) is a highly concentrated ethanol which has been purified by many distillations. Used in very small amounts as a base for mixed drinks and the creation of liqueurs.
The Polish product is distilled to slightly above 95% (190 proof) – effectively becoming a pure spirit. Rectified spirits such as Spirytus are used in mixed drinks, in the production of liqueurs, for medicinal purposes, and as a household solvent. This extraordinarily strong spirit needs to be treated with respect so use it sparingly and thoughtfully.

This is often used as a base for liqueurs and other infusions, and we highly recommend that you don’t drink it neat.

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Alcohol Volume