Epitome Reserve Peated Limited Edition 2021 Indian Whisky 750mL


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Diageo India presents the second edition of United’s Epitome Reserve whisky – a limited-edition Peated Single Malt with just 3,600 numbered bottles, signed by the Master Blender Mahesh Patil himself.  Diageo India’s inventive attempts to broaden its foray into the artisanal craft spirit industry have been spurred by the increased demand for the debutant Epitome Reserve.

Epitome Reserve Peated Single Malt whisky embodies the grandiose of the Himalayan Foothills and northern plains, and the beauty of the Mandovi river. It is created using seven inimitable steps.

Only select Indian six-row barley, that travel from the Himalayan foothills over 2000 kilometers to Goa, go into the making of Epitome Reserve Peated Single Malt whisky. Then, the sweet waters of the Mandovi river hydrate the heads of perfectly broken grains, and the heat from the Islay peat give the full-bodied earthy grains it a marine twist.

The play of the sea and spice ensue as the liquid moves from copper pot stills to maturation in American Oak casks against the briny Goa sea breeze. The liquid is then exclusively finished in cabernet sauvignon casks. This adds a vibrant and lively flavor, reminiscent of mint, plum, mulberry, and cherry flavors to the liquid, which is enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a dash of water.

The Epitome Reserve Peated Single Malt comes in a package with subtle hues of scarlet and maroon and is meant to be a collectible and a souvenir. Both the packaging as well as the liquid are a nod to the “rooted and risen” and celebrate the longevity of a banyan tree.

“The Epitome Reserve packaging articulates the rooted and risen tenets to the core. The new design brings to life a very earthy and authentic expression of packaging. The banyan tree continues to remain our key anchor, but under the tree you find layer upon layer of intricate shades, structures and textures.”

Epitome Reserve Peated Single Malt, within six months of the successful debut of the Epitome Reserve, India’s first 100% rice whisky. With the launch of the second limited-edition, we redouble our commitment to our premiumization strategy and aim to revolutionize the space of artisanal craft spirits in India, while riding high on product innovation. Truly rooted and risen, this limited-edition Indian craft single malt will resonate with evolved consumer palates and will open up new experiences for them to cherish.”

ABV 42.8%

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Alcohol Volume


Brand Name

Epitome Reserve



Liquor Style

Peated Malt, Indian Single Malt


750 ml

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