R.Jelinek Tuzemak Rum 1000L


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Czech rum Tuzemak (or Tuzemsky Rum) is performed for more than 150 years. During the Napoleonic wars in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, due to the inability to import rum drink was invented, which was named “China domestic” rum (translated from the Czech word «tuzemsky» means “home”). It’s not quite rum in the classic sense, because it is not made from sugar cane, and of alcohol of agricultural origin – grain, potatoes, sugar beet, to which is added a special rum essence that gives the drink a rich color of strong tea. Since 2003 the European Union introduced a law by which can be called only rum drink from sugar cane distillate Czech drink was renamed from Tuzemsky Rum in Tuzemak, although colloquially it and to this day is called rum. Czech rum from the company Rudolf Jelinek is named after the national hero Schweik, which is depicted on the label.


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